Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sarah Mukai in Johnson Bay, Rivers Inlet (Part 2)

Sarah Mukai in Johnson Bay, Rivers Inlet (Part 2) from hanspetermeyer on Vimeo.
Sarah Mukai is a forester with Interfor, based in Campbell River. In this, my second interview with Sarah, she talks about what got her, as a young woman growing up in Vancouver, into BC's forest industry. We were sitting on the barge next to a floating camp in Johnson Bay, just off Rivers Inlet on BC's mid-coast region. This camp was in place to host a crew of "brushers" - people who go into a regenerating forest and "weed" the new forest of species that limit the growth of trees. I was in the Johnson Bay area in mid-August 2011, taking photographs and talking to people working in the woods. For more on the Coastal Forest Industry Project, please visit To help build the book I'm working on, please visit Thanks for your interest!
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