Monday, June 25, 2012

From stump to market, from idea to published book: investing and individual contributions

Heli logging with an AirCrane in the Port Alberni region, June 2012.
Getting a book to market is not unlike getting the wood from stump to market: it takes investments of time, machinery, skills, and money. I've got the machinery (various cameras, lenses, gear, computers, etc) and the skills. Others are helping by giving me invaluable access to industry locations and crews. But there's always the question of money: how to pay for the time it takes to do the job right. At a time when book publishers are happy to publish my book (I've got 2 who say they're ready to go when the manuscript is ready), they aren't so excited about upfront investments.

That's why individual contributors are so important. It's your contributions of $5-$500 that get the wood to the water – or, in this case, give me the time to do what I do best: photograph, interview, writer.

I'm thrilled when people tell me they appreciate what I'm doing. Working alone gets less lonely when there's positive feedback and moral support.

I'm doubly thrilled – and humbled – when I get a note of moral support that includes a $5-500 contribution. This is how I put bread on the table while getting out in the woods, making photographs and collecting stories and information.

Thanks Tim, Leeann, Kris, Mom, and Kay...
Most recently Tim Woodland, an historian of the forest and milling industries, did just that: humbled and thrilled me with a generous contribution to this project. To get a sense of what Tim's about, check out his blog at Tim-ber: Forest Workers Memorial Park.

Thanks Tim – and Leeann Froese, Kris Krüg, Elizabeth Meyer (my Mom), and Kay Witzel – for your generosity. For a list of all sponsors, contributors, and advisors to the project, visit the Sponsors and Advisors page.

Want to help?
There are at least a couple of ways you can "invest" in this book.
  • 1: You can make an online contribution at Help Build the Book online, just like the people listed above. There are options for making contributions in other forms as well.
  • 2: You can buy a print or digital image at my e-commerce site here.
  • 3: You can commission a "team photo" or a company book by contacting me directly. I'm very proud of the work I've done for Truck Logger Magazine, BenWest Logging, and Mike Hamilton. (Note that they're participants as Advisors and/or Sponsors of this project now.) 
You can also be part of the online conversation at the project Facebook page here or via the project Twitter page here.

25 June 2012

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