Sunday, December 16, 2012

ReBlog of "The Silviculturist"

"Sarah [Mukai] on Gilford Island. The plastic cones protect cedar seedlings from deer." from "Matt's" post
This "coastal forest industry project" is a big project. I'm not sure how long it will take to build my book about "working in the woods today – the coastal forest industry in the 21st century," but I know it will take longer than I'd originally anticipated.

Along the way, I'm finding materials that help tell this story. Here's one by Matt (no last name on the blog) of Campbell River. His profile of what forester Sarah Mukai does in the mid-coast starts with my video interviews with Sarah (from 2011), and quickly moves on to some interesting observations and photographs. Here's a taste....

Sarah is a silviculture forester. Essentially, her job is to manage the replanting of tree species to replace those felled by her company, as legislated by the provincial government. Silviculture management requires Sarah to spend many hours in the field, supervising planting and brushing operations, surveying replanted blocks, and, on rare occasions, planting trees herself, where only a few (hundred) are needed to fill spaces in a previously planted area. (Brushing is the management of "weed" species, like alder, that grow more vigourously and shade the planted trees. Brushing involves the girdling or poisoning of these weed species to allow the more desired species enough light.) ... more at

16 December 2012

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