Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Justin Rigsby talks about business in the forest industry's "new era" - from #2014TLA

Justin Rigsby is COO with Holbrook Dyson Logging on Vancouver Island. He was also moderator of a panel on doing business in the "new era" at the 71st Annual Truck Loggers' Association Convention in Vancouver, on January 20, 2024. I interviewed Justin shortly after his panel, and asked him to summarize the highlights. The interview took place at a location near Stanley Park (hence the "Stanley Park" on the video).

For more coverage of #2014TLA, please see my two articles in BC Business magazine online here
(about the long-awaited industry "super-cycle") and here (Justin's panel on challenges and the "new era")

The Working in the Woods Today project

I'm working on a book project about what it's like to be working in BC's coastal forest industry today. Please see www.workinginthewoodstoday.com for more information.

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