Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oil patch? Or coastal forest industry? Where would you rather work?

Given the recent news that oil patch workers are starting to trickle back into a reviving coastal forest industry, I asked the question on the Facebook page last week: Where would you rather work, and why? Click on "comments" to see others answers.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, either on the Facebook page or here on the blog.

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Here are some initial comments...

  • Edward John Johnson Spent my life in the woods for 30+ years, have worked in the oil patch since 2008 and wished I had made the move 20 years before. To many down cycles in logging they don't pay for tickets travel time and the camps are antiquated compared to the o patch. I work longer hours but am happier and treated far better than I ever was in the woods
  • John Courchesne Love working in the woods, did for over 20 years and home every night. But the money is better in the patch and you can have extended time at home because you can afford to. I have more home time now.
  • Duane Wingert The bush! Its a renewable resource. Extracting and fracking isn't!
  • Cheryl Jones The forest because you are in a sustainable renewable industry not just taking and leaving a mess behind, the forest is also beautiful, serene, and full of clean air!
  • Nattanya Birkhaven Work is for money, thus food. OR work is for a ?

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